Chemical Analyses Test

We provide you with high-quality process chemicals by continuously analyzing, testing, and logging samples from our customers in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Our comprehensive chemical testing laboratory can determine how well a product performs its intended function and assess its durability under typical conditions.


One of the primary goals of chemical testing is to ascertain the quality of materials by analyzing their composition and ensuring they meet applicable standards, guidelines, or laws. Identifying any unwanted substances is crucial to this process, and our chemical testing laboratory is equipped to achieve this.


Physical Testing

Our physical testing services offer a qualitative approach to determining one or more attributes of a given product, process, or service. We use predefined methods to ensure accuracy and reliability in our evaluations.


Composition Analysis

Our composition analysis covers the chemical composition testing and analysis of samples, mixtures of chemicals, or unknown compounds. This thorough examination helps us understand the exact makeup of a substance and identify any potential issues.


Metal Testing

Our metal testing services focus on identifying rust and corrosion resistance performance in plating objects or similar materials. We analyze coating, chromating, and the thickness of the plating to ensure it meets the necessary standards and provides the required protection.


Contamination Detection

Contamination can stem from various unexpected sources, potentially compromising the integrity of a product. Our contamination testing professionals employ strategic methods to identify and resolve contamination events, ensuring the safety and quality of your materials.